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A General Diet

  • This article discusses a middle-road, healthy diet that is good for most people. It focuses on strengthening the digestive system to optimize energy.

By Seasons
Generally speaking, foods that are typically "in season" are good to eat at the time. However, our processed-food culture, which allows virtually any food to be eaten at any time, blurs the lines of proper timing, thereby making choices more confusing.

By Zang-Fu Organ Disharmonies
One method of diagnosis in Chinese medicine is by the organ system. Each organ system is prone to certain disharmonies which can be addressed through several modalities, including diet adjustment.

By Five Element Body Types
Chinese medicine looks at specific body types and suggests food that will help that particular type obtain optimum health.


For Specific Ailments


Compiled by John Kang


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Do not attempt to diagnose yourself! Seek out a practitioner of Chinese medicine to find out how to use these charts!