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When the body is in perfect working order, the Qi of the Spleen should rise to nourish the mind. People with Spleen Qi Deficiency sometimes suffer from their Qi sinking. It manifests as prolapse of the internal organs, fatigue, chrnoic illness, prolapse of the anus, hemerhoids, and unclear thought.

Beneficial Foods: generally warm
apple cucumber, beef, bird's nest, black-eyed peas, cardamon seed, carrot, cayenne pepper, cherry, chestnut, chicken, chicken egg yolk, cloves, coriander seed, button mushrooms, dates, dill seeds, fennel, ginger, lotus fruit and seed, mackerel, millet sprouts, mult, mustard, mutton, nutmeg, orange peel, pepper, perch, potato, mustard seed, rice, rock sugar, royal jelly, string bean, sweet potato, yam.

Beneficial Teas:
ginger, cinnamon

cold foods, alcohol,

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