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Within the Five Phases view of nature, summer is related to the heart. The color associated with summer is red; the flavor association is bitter.

Despite our tendency to favor colder foods like salads, cold cuts, and similar fare in the summer, they can weaken the Spleen digestive system. This is because regardless of the season, our digestive processes are fueled by heat, and cold foods in excess can stifle that heat. Icy drinks are even worse, causing the stomach to contract and cause food to stagnate. Stir frying does not impart as much heat into foods and is an excellent means of cooking during summer.

The best foods based on the Five Phases Theory are bitter in taste, neutral in temperature, moist in quality, and red in color. Good foods, in moderation, include salads, mung beans, soy, seasonal fruits and vegetables, wheat, rye, garbanzo beans, raisins, dates, tofu and alfalfa.

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