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In Chinese Medicine, the Spleen is responsible for extracting pure essences from food and transporting away the turbid materials. When someone has Spleen Qi Deficiency and is exposed to damp weather or eats cold foods, their Spleen becomes imparied and fails to thoroughly expel turid waste. This transforms into dampness. It manifests as heavy limbs, heavy head with difficulty concentrating, poor appetite, edema, a sticky sensation in the mouth, nausea, very loose stools, and excessive white vaginal discharge that smells like fish.

Beneficial Foods: generally warm, bland, and dry foods
aduki beans, broad bean, caper, carp, celery, duck, ginger peel, ginko leaf, grapefruit leaf, hyacinth bean, Job's tears, kelp, loach, lotus (all parts), mackerel, peach blossom, radish root, seaweed, soybean, tangerine peel, taro, watercress.

For Concurrent Kidney Yang Deficiency, Add: beef kiney, chdestnut, chive seeds, cinnamon bark, clove, clove oil, dill seed, fennel, fenugreek seed, green onion seed, lobster, mandarin orange seed, ox tail, pistachio nut, rasberry, kidney, shrimp, star anise, strawberry, jack beans

Beneficial Teas:
ginger (w/peel)

ale vera, asparagus, bamboo shoots, banana, bitter gourd, burdock, camphor mint, fig, grapefruit, lemon, lily flowers, mung beans, romaine lettuce, soybean paste, squash, star fruit, strawberry, tofu, wheat

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