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This column presents healthy recipes using traditional Chinese foods and herbs. All ingredients can be bought at Tan-A Grocery Store at Horsepen and West Broad Street in Richmond.

Miso Soup
Easy and Flexible!

Miso, or fermented bean paste, is commonly used in Asian cooking...

Stirfried Bean Sprouts
Spring Perfection

Using sprouts and other fresh vegetables, this dish is perfect for spring

Hot and Sour Soup
A Healthy Recipe

Combining the flavors of spicy and sour, this soup is particularly great for the spring

Dang Gui Soup
A Traditional Chinese Flu Shot

Slightly bitter and sweet, this tasty soup is a great immune booster.

Soup/Sauce Stock
Adding flavor AND Health Benefits

Stock is used to make soups and sauces. Mild-tasting herbs can be added to enhance the benefits to health.


Dang Gui (Angelica)
Gou Qi (Lycium)
Huang Qi (Astragalus)