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Chinese Medicine and Infertility

Chinese Medicine provides both a complement or alternative to Western Medicines. As with all health disorders, the traditional Chinese understanding of health believes that challenged fertility is a manifestation of an imbalance in the body. Chinese medicine strives to bring the body back into balance through acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, and manual therapies. It can help:

  • Improve egg and sperm quality
  • Improve cervical fluid quality
  • Regulate menstrual cycles
  • Correct luteal phase defects
  • Regulate hormone interactions
  • Increase circulation to the reproductive organs to improve ovarian response
  • Thicken uterine lining
  • Treat anovulatory disorders such as PCOS and LUFS
  • Treat recurrent and threatened miscarriage
  • Increase chance of success in IVF procedures
  • treat unexplained infertility

John Kang with his newborn Kristina As a parent with young children, John Kang takes great interest in helping couples share the joy of parenthood and is constantly learning about both Western and Eastern treatment methods. His success rate is about 70%.

In addition to learning from Chinese Medical Gynecologist Dr. Hua-Ling Xu, John has also received advanced clinical training in the TCM Gynecology department of the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, the teaching hospital of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He has also interned under Dr. Randine Lewis, the author of The Infertility Cure.

If you decide to explore Chinese Medicine as a means of treatment, John would be more than happy to discuss it with you. Before calling, be sure to have BBT charts, blood tests, and menstrual history information on hand! Treatment can never be one-sided, with practitioner doing all the work; it is a partnership which depends on the patient also making lifestyle changes and complying to recommendations.

What You Can Do On Your Own
Regardless of whether or not you decide to consult us for your fertility issues, we highly recommend:

  • Stop Smoking if you smoke!
  • Stop or decrease alcohol intake
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks, especially coffee
  • Cut out refined sugars and processed foods from your diet
  • Find ways to relieve stress in your life
  • Take up Yoga, Taiji, or Qigong practice
  • Take pre-natal vitamins
  • Remember that lovemaking is more than about making babies

Recognizing that pregnancy is much more than conception, We also provide our patients with free pregnancy-related information such as:

  • choosing an OB
  • finding Doula and Midwife services
  • Local International Cesearean Awareness Network contacts
  • Traditional Recipes, health measures and Exercises for Post-Partum recovery

and we treat pregnancy-related health issues such as:

  • Morning Sickness
  • Threatenned and recurring miscarriage
  • Flipping breech babies
  • Labor induction

References are available on request.

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Personal Statement
Thank you for visiting this page. I am humbled that you are considering choosing me for treatment among the many excellent practitioners of Chinese medicine in the Central Virginia area.

My own training began in 1995 while apprenticing under Dr. Betty Lung in Taiwan. Since starting my own practice in 2003, and especially after the birth of my own first child in 2004, I have dedicated considerable time studying from some of the best teachers of Chinese medicine fertility in the world. It has been my greatest professional joy to help fertility patients realize the blessing of parenthood.

There are literally hundreds of books and articles which represent the combined technical knowledge of thousands of Chinese medicine practitioners who have treated infertility patients over the ages. This knowledge encompasses patterns of imbalance that can challenge fertility, as well as acupuncture points and herbal formulas to treat those imbalances. Until 2007, I would have told you that this technical knowledge was all that was needed. But through the guidance of Dr. Randine Lewis, I have come to realize that while technical knowledge remains important, it is only part of the overall picture.

In addition to the application of technical knowledge is Wisdom: an age-old common sense that mankind sometimes forgets as we seek to bend nature to our will. Wisdom is much easier to learn from experience than from a book. It is the connection and interaction with different patients based on their unique needs. Beyond treatment through acupuncture and herbs is the guidance we give that helps patients overcome behaviors or thought processes that may be negatively impacting their fertility.

Although the knowledge base is constantly growing, and I could not hope to be even half as wise as some of my mentors, I continually strive to grow in and integrate both of these aspects of Chinese medicine practice to better serve my patients.

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A recurrent miscarrage patient.

A patient told she could never get pregnant without IVF.

A patient with three previous miscarriages.