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Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Martial Arts in Richmond Virginia

Herbal Medicine Consultations, Prescription Filling

In addition to his training as an acupuncturist, John Kang started learning about Chinese herbs as a teenager while observing his uncle Dr. Hsiung-Fei Kang prepare herbal decoctions for patients and family. He began formal study of herbal medicines at the Meiji College of Oriental Medicine, where he benefited from the guidance of Dr. Zhibin Zhang and Dr. Hualing Xu.

He has been in practice in Richmond since 2003 and does herbal consultations at his West-End office, Richmond Acupuncture and Wellness. It has a full line of patent, raw and powdered herbs, while t the Traditional Asian Health Center in the Fan has a selection of patent herbal formulas.

Should I take herbs with acupuncture?
Herbs and acupuncture have a strong synergistic effect. That is, taking both together produces a better result than taking one or the other.

Can I take herbal formulas without acupuncture?
Yes. In China, many herbalists do not know acupuncture, and many acupuncturists do not know herbs.

Are herbs dangerous?
Herbs present more of a danger than acupuncture. While acupuncture generally has a homeostatic effect (that is, it will generally not adversely affect the body if a needle is placed somewhere it is not needed), herbs will affect your body according to its function. That is, if your body is cold in nature, an acupuncture point that is cooling will not make you colder. A cooling herb, however, will.

What do they taste like?
Generally speaking, most herbal formulas are not exactly pleasant.

Which is better, teas or pills?
In most cases, teas have a stronger effect. Further, they can be modified to suit an individual, whereas pills have fixed ingredients and dosages.

Do they contain heavy metals or other toxic substances?
Our herbs are imported from China through reputable companies like MayWay and NuHerbs. Each batch is carefully screened before being released to the general public.