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This is the resource site by John Kang, an acupuncturist, herbalist, martial arts instructor and Chinese community leader in the Richmond area. This site shares his insights into wellness in these columns: Health in Your Hands, Martial Musings and the Kitchen Spirit's Wok.

John works out of Richmond Acupuncture and Wellness in the West End near Innsbrook and Short Pump, and also does low-cost, community-style acupuncture at the Traditional Asian Health Center in the Fan near Downtown and VCU. He also teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu at East-West Wing Chun, Richmond.

NEWS (August 21, 2014)

Feature Article: Unexplained Infertility has a new article on the frustrating diagnosis of unexplained infertility.

Herbal Pharmacy Expanded!

Having recently expanded our herbal pharmacy to include over 200 different types of bulk Chinese herbs, Richmond Acupuncture and Wellness in the West end now has the largest pharmacies in the Richmond area.

What is Traditional Asian Medicine?

Qi: the root of life in acupuncture theory Traditional Asian health, whose philosophical foundations reach back over five-thousand years, encompasses a wide variety of holistic modalities that seek to maintain health through careful balance. These mediums include not only the more widely-known arts of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and martial arts practice; but also lesser-known but equally effective approaches such as cupping, moxabustion, tui-na massage, gua-sha, bone setting, soft-tissue manipulation, and many others.

Acupuncture and other Asian healing modalities can treat a wide variety of health concerns including but not limited to: stress, depression, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, sports injuries, menstrual pain and irregularity, peri-menopause, substance addiction, headache, compulsive behavior, digestive problems, constipation, the common cold, and more.

Our practice in Richmond, Virginia, includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, and martial arts and Qigong training.

Our Logo

This symbol uses the chinese character for health,surrounded by a plum blossom John Kang's personal logo is the Chinese character kang for "health" encircled by a plum blossom. Coincidentally, the character is the same as John's family name. The plum blossom is related to the Chinese people, while the fruit it produces is considered a harbinger of spring-- to the Asian mind, a rebirth, and therefore related to good health.
Coming from a family of Chinese Doctors, John Kang started apprenticing under Dr. Betty Lung in Taiwan in 1995 before earning a Masters of Oriental Medicine from Meiji College. He has done post-graduate studies in Japan and China. John treats a wide range of health issues, and specializes in treating infertility, mental-emotional disorders and pediatrics.



Find out more about our clinic's approach to treating infertility.

John Kang on WTVR-6's Morning in Virginia


Kitchen God's Wok:
Miso Soup

Martial Musings:
Martial Morality

Health in Your Hands:
The Sitting Month

Dietary suggestions specifically for your condition.

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